Saturday, September 24, 2011

Australian Journal of Mineralogy Volume 2 Number 2

Cover Photograph: Cuprite, Spring Creek, South Australia, Crystal 3.5 mm across, Specimen: South Australian Museum G1598, Photo: Brian Beyer

Portlandite and other recent mineral discoveries in the granites at Lake Boga, Wycheproof and Pyramid Hill, Victoria
W Birch

The granite outcrops at Lake Boga, Wycheproof and Pyramid Hill in northwestern Victoria have yielded many interesting minerals, including several new phosphate species. Further collecting has unearthed the rare calcium hydroxide portlandite, a silver iodide mineral and several more rare phosphates, including meurigite (a new species), zwieselite, and a so-far-unidentified CaCuBi-bearing compound.

Sector-zoning in Epidote from Jamieson River, Victoria: evidence for a replacement mechanism?
T Kwak and M Hendrickx

Research has been conducted on the sector-zoning of epidote from Cambrian greenstones in the Jamieson River region of east-central Victoria, Australia. The epidote is suggested to have formed during early prehnite-pumpellyite facies metamorphism but was partly to completely homogenised by internal re-equiliberation of the epidotes during latter greenschist facies metamorphism.

Minerals from the Spring Creek mine, near Wilmington, South Australia
B Beyer and P Elliot

The Spring Creek mine has long earned a reputation amongst Australian mineral collectors as a source of splendid miniature and micromount specimens of a variety of copper minerals, including the rare minerals hentschelite and perloffite.

Heulandite from the Illawarra District, NSW
P Carr, M Perkins, B Chenhall, J Pemberton and R Middleton

Attractive specimens of heulandite and prehnite occur in the basaltic Dapto Latite Member of the Illawarra District. The heulandite forms as colourless, glassy, well-formed tabular crystals with a maximum dimension of approximately 5mm and prehnite occurs as pale green rounded masses up to 1cm thick and 15cm across, formed by the radial alignment of platy crystals.