Saturday, September 24, 2011

Australian Journal of Mineralogy Volume 1 Number 2

Cover Photograph: Topaz, Strathbogie Ranges, Victoria, Crystal 1.2 cm high, Photo: Frank Coffa

Chalcophanite from Mount Stewart, NSW
B England

The Mount Stewart mine has long been famous for the specimens of pyromorphite and pyrite recovered during active mining around the turn of the century, and the mine dumps have continued to provide interesting specimens for the collector to the present day. Recently, well-formed crystals of chalcophanite have been found associated with fibrous coronadite lining cavities in a limonitic gossan outcrop adjacent to the Engine Shaft. The crystals are simple in chemical composition, showing none of the magnesium, nickel or lead substitution which is typical of many of the other localities for this species. They also provide exceptional micromounts.

Zeolites from Daylesford, Victoria
D Henry

A new Victorian zeolite locality has produced some attractive micromounts of chabazite and unusual aggregates of phillipsite.

Some Mines of the Mt Isa District, Queensland, Part 2 - The Mt Cobalt Mine
B Day and B Beyer

The Mt Cobalt mine has long been a source of large and spectacular specimens of erythrite. Close examination of specimens recently collected from old workings and mine dumps has revealed a range of colourful and unusual cobalt and copper-bearing species.